Monday, 25 July 2011! Useful "curation" tool

I have recently begun using! It's a useful tool that enables you to set up Web pages that gather together links on a specific topic. provides a facility for you to "curate" information on your topics by trawling the Web and finding links that you may wish to add to your topic pages. The links are then laid out attractively like the page of a magazine:

I have set up two pages:

Computer Assisted Language Learning

Virtual World Language Learning

And I follow other people's pages on related topics. As well as being useful for setting up permanent resources, could be used by students for creating one-off magazines.


jmb said...

Hola! I was reading your blog and thinking that maybe you or your readers find interesting this new language learning website. It has a lot of music videos subtitled in English, Spanish and French! Check it out!

Graham Davies said...

Thanks, jmb! I'll have a look at your link. I don't maintain a large list of links at the ICT4LT site, and the Scoop.It links are just a small sample. I do, however, maintain a large list of links at

Imran Soudagar said...

Checking out the Scoopit tool. Thanks for sharing it Mr. Davies.