Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hard to teach - teaching foreign languages at secondary school level

This Teachers TV video shows three imaginative case studies of teachers using ICT  to teach modern foreign languages at secondary school level.

1. José Picardo's students at Nottingham High School for Boys use Voki, Glogster and Stupefix to practise speaking Spanish.

2. Fiona Joyce at Kingstone School in Barnsley uses the Web to stimulate her students' interest in French life and language. She uses French-language videos to trigger vocabulary work with her students, encourages them to use the Web for research and to use an inter-school social network to communicate with French-speaking students around the world.

3. At Cramlington Learning Village, the emphasis is on encouraging students' self-assessment skills. Chris Harte's students practise their spoken French, using Audacity, by creating an audio-visual presentation about Haiti. 

See also José Picardo's Box of Tricks blog.


José Picardo said...


When I first starting investigating the pedagogical benefits of using tools such as Voki to improve engagement, motivation and, ultimately, achievement, I found myself referencing a certain Davies. G, rather a lot.

Thank you for featuring this video in your blog and thank you for all the work that you have made available on the subject of ICT in Education over the years. It has been an invaluable source of help and inspiration.


Graham Davies said...

Thanks, José! I think this is an excellent video and it deserves to be publicised more widely. Well done, all of you (teachers and students) who appear in it!