Sunday, 22 February 2009

What do you think about Twitter?

I was luke-warm about Twitter when I joined it some months ago, but I now realise it was my own fault for failing to seek out friends, old and new, who use Twitter. I have therefore made an effort over the last few days to find out who uses it. I found over 20 friends in a couple of hours, and I picked up some useful Web links and other information from them.

You can find me on Twitter as GroovyWinkler.


Randi Harlev said...

I'm still trying to unleash the potential Twitter seems to be quite far-reaching if used effectively. I've also received some great pointers and links, and hope to continue to do so.

Thanks for the posting.

Graham Davies said...

Joe Dale's blog has some excellent advice on using Twitter:

I have noticed that conferences are also using Twitter now, e.g. CALICO 2009 and IATEFL 2009.